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What were some things in the Harry Potter movies that you felt were changed due to a lack of understanding the books? Open

THE ENDING I'm not gonna go into loads of detail but the ending in the films was absolutely appalling. In my… humble opinion anyways! Neville (in the films) got given a speech in front of EVERYONE outside the great hall - the goodies and the baddies - for the film which wasn't there in the book. This - technically -should have been Harry's moment. But fair game. I like Neville. He delivered his speech well. But. But but but… they SHOULDN'T have made way for Neville's speech to then simply CUT Harry's. At the ending of the books, Harry comes back from the dead infront of everyone in the great hall. He then casts a shield charm to protect everyone from Voldy and the remaining death eaters. There is then some truly CINEMATIC and utterly AMAZING dialogue between Harry and Voldy. The irony is, is that the ending in the books was actually more cinematic than the ending in the films. This dialogue at the end infront of everyone, between Harry and Voldy, is not only spine tingling, but it explains everything and connects all the dots. But instead, in the movies, you have some sort of hide and seek between Harry and Voldy around the grounds of Hogwarts. Just between the 2 of them. Then you have some muggle fighting. Then a corny and cringey line (let's finish this how it started Tom). And then some wand special effects and Voldy crumbling away. Then everyone is meant to somehow know that Harry defeated Voldy and why blah blah blah blah blah. Then snapping the elder wand (WHAT?!). The end. Ending in movies - SHIT. ENDING in books - EPIC.